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Placi de sunet

Placi de sunet

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SANDBERG Placa de sunet externa USB to Sound Link

4300 lei
In stoc: Griviţei(3)

Garantie: 24 luni
Placă de sunet externă Sandberg USB to Sound Link

•COD: 133-33


4500 lei
In stoc: Calea Bucureşti(5) In stoc: Griviţei(1)

Garantie: 12 luni
Product Features The USB Virtual 7.1 Channel Sound Adapter is a highly flexible audio interface which can be used either with Desktop or Notebook systems. Bundled with Xear 3D Sound simulation software it turns your stereo speaker or earphones into 7.1 channel environment. No drivers required just plug and play for instant audio playback also compatible with all major operation systems. A. Complaint with USB 2.0 Full-Speed(12Mbps)Specification B. Compliant with USB Audio Device Class Specification 1.0 C. Compliant with USB HID Class Specification 1.1 D. USB bus - powered mode no external power required E. Connectors: USB Type-A Stereo output jack Mono microphone-input jack F. Functional keys: Microphone-Mute Speaker-Mute Volume-Up Volume-Down G. LED indicators: Microphone-Mute Status Activity H. Include Xear 3D the virtual 7.1 channel sound simulation software for Windows XP/ Vista, 7 I. Driverless - No driver required for Windows 98 SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista, 7, Linux MacOS

•COD: 200128

Asus XONAR DG PCI 5.1 & Headphone Amp Card

14915 lei
In stoc: Calea Bucureşti(1)

Garantie: 24 luni
Xonar DG
Numar canale 5.1
Raport semnal-zgomot 105 dB
103 dB
Built-in Headphone AMP
GX2.5 for realistic 3D audio effects
Dolby Headphone for an immersive 5.1 surround imaging
Smart Volume Normalizer
Xear 3D Virtual Speaker Shifter
27 Environment Effects
3 x Iesire 3.5 mm
Iesire 3.5 mm Casti
Iesire Digitala S/PDIF



17900 lei
In stoc: Calea Bucureşti(1) In stoc: Griviţei(1)

Garantie: 24 luni
Placa de sunet Asus Xonar DGX, 5.1, PCI Express retail SPDIF Out Line in/Mic in Combo S/PDIF Header Front Audio Header Aux In